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Meet the Wyred Team

Tim Berfield


Timothy Berfield, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Wyred Insights, Inc. , has over 20 years of experience building hardware and software systems for both clients and companies he has founded. Tim has led many of these companies through start-up and growth modes through the creation of robust infrastructures and management systems.

Tim has spent 20 years in roles such as Chief Executive, Chief Technology Officer, Network Architect and Software Engineer in a variety of industries, including custom software development, direct marketing and transactional platform services. His understanding of both business and technological systems design encompasses industries such as credit card processing, ACH and check draft processing, real estate, auto insurance, direct marketing, telephony systems and blockchain technologies.

Among his significant previous positions, Tim has served as Chief Executive of Active Smart Contract, a publicly traded company, and Chief Technology Officer of Blitz Media, a Las Vegas-based direct marketer with over 50 million in yearly sales. He was President and founder of Boilfrog LLC, a web hosting, data-center services and web design firm, and CTO of ZoomAway Travel, Inc., a publicly traded company serving the travel industry.

Nikki Hillman

Chief Creative Officer

Nikki Hillman is part of multiple design teams and is dedicated to making a difference through design.

With her experience in a plethora of industries, and her education in Graphic Communications, she has gathered many skills and brings a fresh new look to today's design scene.

Mike Tibbits

Operations & Advisement

Mike has over 22 years in the Tech Industry, graduating with a Bachelors of Business with emphasis in MIS in 2002 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His specialty is in database architecture, design and implementation, with over 16 years experience spanning from Microsoft SQL Server 7 and Oracle 8, to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 deployments in Azure and Oracle 12 SuperCluster.

He is co-owner of BackItHere!, an online backup company and owner of ProDaTech Consulting Group, with a client base of 800+ end users and businesses. Mike has given lectures at various schools and colleges regarding database architecture, design and implementation, workshops for entrepreneurs starting businesses and seminars on data backup and recovery.

Yousef Al-Nuaimi

Director of Social Marketing

Yousef is currently a student at the University of Reno, Nevada with a focus in business management and marketing. His main interests lies within branding, and understanding what sparks peoples interests. He has a cat named Mango née Pumpkin, and enjoys raiding the break room.

Chalyn Tallman

Lead Designer

Chalyn is a designer by day, superhero by night. Specializing in social media posts, she enjoys reading a good book, hiking a good trail, and drinking a good cup of coffee with friends. Her dog, Layla, is the light of her life and the best Netflix binge buddy in the world.

Andrew Horton

Web Developer

Andrew Horton up-and-coming programmer.

He has a passion for technology and brings a fresh set of eyes to the tech industry. He is currently a web developer at Wyred `{`Insights`}`

Parker Bosco

UI/UX Designer

Parker is fueled by his passion to create and develop.

He has a determination to turn knowledge into action.
Parker is currently on the Wyred team as a Web Designer and Developer.

Torrey LoPresti

Graphic Designer

26 year-old graphic designer graduate from UNR.

Hobbies range from video games, drawing/painting, and table top games, and purveyor of random sheep facts.

Natasha Indie

Graphic Designer

Natasha is an aspiring graphic designer and established artist with an extensive background in multiple forms of design. She is fueled by creativity and thrives from the process of taking an idea and making it a reality.

Her roots began in Southern California, where she took various design courses in college. From there, she gained the inspiration to create her own brand by the name of Indiependent Designs. With that, she created content for local businesses as well as pursue personal projects. She has been residing in Reno for the past couple of years where she works on bringing life to all sorts of ideas through graphic and hand rendered art.

Benjamin Nance

Graphic Designer

Benjamin has it out for design and helps brands develop their identity through the creative design process.

On his free time he enjoys to go out on adventures in the wilderness which includes skiing, hiking, swimming and camping.